The Best IKEA Furniture Pieces for Your Interior Design

The interior design of your house tells a lot about your personality. Depending on the kind of furniture and colour combinations you choose, one can tell the kind of person you are. For this reason, most people seek to get the best furniture and color combinations for interior design. IKEA is one of the most trusted distributors of furniture. The company has some of the most elegant pieces of furniture that could transform your house to your dream home. Here are some unique pieces of furniture you can get from IKEA.

Furniture for storage purposes

Storage furniture pieces from IKEA are designed for maximum and elegance. They include:

  • RAST3-Drawer Chest – This is one of the first pieces of furniture every apartment owner has. The drawer chest is customizable to match your tastes and preferences. Other than storage, you can use the RAST3-Drawer Chest as a nightstand in a big bedroom.
  • PAX Wardrobe System – This is one of the most affordable, yet elegant furniture pieces from IKEA. The PAX Wardrobe System allows you to store a wide range of clothing while maintaining the tidiness of your room.
  • DOCKSTA Table – This is a uniquely designed table with a tulip-shaped base and a round top. The table is ideal for small spaces. It is durable despite its light finish.
    Furniture for lighting and accessories.
  • IKEA has a wide range of furniture pieces that can be used for decorative purposes. These pieces give your interior design a unique and classy look. They include;
  • SINNERLING Pendant Lamp – This lamp was originally designed by Ilse Crawford. It is crafted from bamboo lattice to give a natural feel in your interior design. The lamp is big enough to be used in the bedroom, dining room, or even the living room.
  • RIBBA Frame – This piece is the best alternative for custom frames. It is affordable and simple but delivers the elegant look that you might be looking for. The frame is ideal for paintings and other 3D pieces of art.
  • MASKROS Pendant Lamp – The original and popular version of this light was oversize. IKEA created a smaller version to match interior design needs for smaller spaces. The lamp is available in different colors, including gold. It comes with magnetic letters affixed to its metal frame and can be customized to match your interior design needs.
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